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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Can't Get There From Here in Business

Besides being a line from Fire Sign Theatre, popular with the cool in the 70's, it's the voice that says you can't.

Apart from being negative, it's the spark that MAKES you want to do it.

That line "Can't Get There From Here" is from radio theatre that made it onto audio. The particular audio was called
We're All Bozos on This Bus.

Everything that you are today is made up of...
  1. zillions of habits
  2. risks taken
Would have liked to have put risks as #1 on my short list, but we all know the blasted power of habits. And habits are a bit like rabbits: they multiply, left unchecked.

Now, in light of habits the risks taken look heroic.

You may align more with the Systematic Marketer, which is an alternate way. But underneath it all is the free agent that gets into the airplane (or jet, or rocket) and takes off.

The thing is, even a pilot went through countless hours of study, classes, memory work, testing, certification, planning, plotting, preparing AND the walk around and checklist ticks before getting into the plane, receiving clearance and taking off.

The "bug" is what bites you...and in the case of flying high, you either hate it and never do it again...or you love it and want more.

Here's the deal: one of the most stressful skills to learn and practice is...the radio.

Yup, doing and saying the exact right thing to the control tower. More stressful than war. Until it's old hat.

If you're a Man on a Mission, you're never actually alone except for that time you're in the sky. Turns out it's a bit of an illusion because there's actually all kinds of restrictions. And to get there you had to jump through hoops.

Flying by the Seat of Your Pants ends up being a brief moment in time, almost not real--that is: the freedom, the "high" doesn't last long. Controlled flying with skills without all the risk taking is what you end up with.

Can't Get There From Here? That's because you're on the bus, where all the crazy people are.

Maybe it seems safer than flying without the instruments. And you may be called "Wrong way Corrigan" after the guy that went his own way when his flight path was rejected, but hey, he went on to star as himself in a movie. Cool.

Fly by the seat of one's pants


Decide a course of action as you go along, using your own initiative and perceptions rather than a pre-determined plan or mechanical aids.